Innovative activity

Innovative activities
(creation of medical intellectual technologies from idea to production piece)

  • Development and creation of innovative medical technologies;
  • Innovative technologies in vascular diagnostics on macro- and microlevel;
  • Innovative approaches of evidence-based medicine in angiopsychoneurology;
  • Integrated diagnostics of the entire cardiovascular system with clinical analytics;
  • Pathological neoangiogenesis and technologies of medicated sanitation of oncocapillaries;
  • Analytical approaches to clinical interpretation of neurodynamic dysfunction;
  • Multidisciplinary personalized algorithms in integrated neurorehabilitation;
  • Individual approaches to the integrated correction of hemodynamic disorders;
  • Investigation of pathological and sanogenic alterations of the human body;
  • Mathematical modeling of meteotropic responses;
  • Integrated approaches to vascular correction in diabetes and metabolic syndrome cases.

Field of common interests in partnership with P.L.Shupik National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education

  • Innovative management and capitalization of intellectual property items
  • Optional course “Basics of medical law” for practicing physicians
  • Innovative multidisciplinary approaches to the problem of person harmonization in restorative angiology and psychoneurology

Our current investment and innovation projects:



Project idea technological realization of the possibilities of early screening of pathological reconstructions in capillaries as pre-conditions of development of…


Neurodynamic lab

Project idea To create a program-technical complex that will enhance and automate diagnosing of the brain electrical activity with the…



The project idea Creation of hardware with feedback for management of meteorological influences on the human organism, for control and…


Hemodynamic lab

Cardiovascular diseases is a disaster of XXI century Today ¾ of Ukrainian population is suffering from cardiovascular pathologies and it…

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