Monographs on thematic areas

• Lushchyk. U. B. Fundamentals of Ultrasound Diagnostic of Vessels in the Brain (ukr, rus, eng) (1997)
• Lushchyk. U. B. Meaning of Changes of the Arterial and Venous Blood Supply for the Brain in Selection of Vasoactive Remedies for Treatment People at Different Ages (ukr) (1999)
• Lushchyk U.B., Branytska N.S. Investigation of the Arterial Venous Balance (applied aspects of ultrasound dopplerography) (ukr, rus, eng.) (2003)
• Lushchyk U. B. “Blind” Doppler for Clinical Intellectuals (Qualitative Assessment of Cerebral Dyshemia) (ukr, rus, eng.) (2004)
• Lushchyk U.B., Novytskyy V.V., Lushchyk N.G., Babiy I.P., Alexseyeva T.S. The Up-to-date Potential of an Integrated Functional Assessment of the Arteriovenous Balance in the Closed Vascular System on Macro- and Microlevel (Rus, Eng) (2006)

  • Ulyana B Lushchyk, Viktor V Novytskyy, Igor P Babii, Nadiya G Lushchyk, Liudmyla S Riabets, Ivanna I Legka, Oleg P Kolomytchuk, Viktor Vi Novytskyy Up-to-date view on technologies for evidence-based medicine in the diagnosis of the cardiovascular system at the macro- and microlevels: the pros and cons in the diagnosis of arteries and veins, dysfunction and arteriovenous imbalance in the whole vascular system and in various regional vascular reservoirs (engl) (2021)
  • Ulyana B Lushchyk, Viktor V Novytskyy, Igor P Babii, Nadiya G Lushchyk, Liudmyla S Riabets, Ivanna I Legka, Oleg P Kolomiychuk, Viktor Vi Novytskyy, Viktoriya P Moamar Vascular Screening of PathoNeoAngioOncogenesis (analytical approach to an early diagnosis of pathological ArterioVenous angiotransformations at the micro- and macrovascular levels) (engl) (2021)

• Lushchyk U.B., Novytskyy V.V., Alexeyeva T.S., Francevich K.A., Branytska N.S. Analytical Aspects of the Individual Hemodynamic Correction in the Angioneurology (Rus, Eng) (2003)

• Lushchyk U. B., Novytskyy V. V., Kolosova J. A. Up-to-date Potential of the Capillaroscopy (rus.) (2005)
• Lushchyk U. B., Novytskyy V. V. The Up-to-date Medical Technologies in Analytical Angiology (ukr.) (2011)

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• Lushchyk U.B., Lushchyk N.G., Babiy I.P. Apallic Syndrome (Ukr., Rus., Engl.) (2003)
• Lushchyk. U. B. Diagnostic Algorithm of Cerebral Dyshemies Evaluation and Patients’ Neurorehabilitation in the Sphere of Neurosurgery (ukr.) (2004)

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