Ulyana Lushchyk – a teacher

She prepared and taught:

  • course in vascular noninvasive diagnostics (USDG of cerebral arteries and veins), angioneurology and neurodynamics (“Istyna” scientific center 1996-2008, “Veritas” scientific center since 2009);
  • course in medical technologies and medical instrument making (faculty of acoustoelectronics (2000-2004) and faculty of instruments and systems of constructive control (2004-2010) in KPI NPUU;
  • course in medical law in International Solomon University (since 2007);
    course in medical informatics and distanсe education in P.L. Shupik National Medical Academy (2011-2013).

Three persons defended candidate’s theses under U.B.Lushchyk’s supervision. Now she is a research advisor of two candidates.

You-tube channel Ulyani Lushchyk: Wisdom comes with age
You-tube channel: Innovative technologies