Ulyana Lushchyk – a scientist

Being a student she was unrivalled in knowledge. So nowadays she is actively working on improving already existing technologies and creating new ones, because she considers that they can give a doctor so called eyes and ears, and thus can help to see what happens in the human body. And up-to-date techniques enable to control and adjust a treatment process. The treatment, by the way, is also carried out by the author methods (by the way, it is to be said that Mrs. Ulyana before prescribing something to her patients, following famous medical researchers of the past, tried them all on herself). The following procedures, incidentally, have some side effect – they can help to rejuvenate the organism.  

Scientific profile:
• applied hemodynamics on vascular diagnostics and treatment monitoring;
• noninvasive investigations of human vessels and cerebral dysfunctions;
• mathematical modeling and logic of the living organism functioning
• administrative management in restoration of cerebral function synchronization in psychoneurological practice;
• patient-specific integrated multidisciplinary neurorehabilitation;
• medical law;
• investing-innovative management, scientific management.

You-tube channel Ulyani Lushchyk: Wisdom comes with age
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