The project idea
Creation of hardware with feedback for management of meteorological influences on the human organism, for control and corresponding protection from critical states (stroke, epileptic seizures, heart attack) during sudden changes in meteo-situation.
We have revealed number of regularities of physiological and serious pathological changes in hydro- and hemodynamic parameters in the human organism under influence of meteofactors’ changes, namely atmosphere pressure, air moisture, air temperature, magnetic field.
Problems and statistics
1. Nearly 59% people in the world are meteo-dependent.
2. 85% patients who have stroke or heart attack are suffering from meteopathic reactions.
3. In 63% cases the sudden death syndrome was related to situations when the disbalanced organism loses its capacity to adapt to sudden meteorological changes (double force-majeure).
1. Stationary weather station with feedback effect adapted to certain parameters of an individual.
For medical establishments, where it is possible to control adequacy of patient’s reactions to weather changes, and automatically to update treatment.
The integral complex with presentation on a monitor in reanimation departments, psychoneurological and cardiologic departments, where doctors can observe dynamics of meteorological factors’ changes.
When a physician observes serious weather drop, it is recommended to avoid operative interventions and manipulations, to minimize the risks of critical states.






2. SMS or e-mail messages.

For businessmen who have an active lifestyle, this SMS or e-mail message with recommendations and prognosis regarding algorithms of the behavior in the conditions when the meteo-situation can change, where it is better not to fly, where and what meetings not to conduct.
Such prognosis can be made one-two days prior to an event.

3. Individual biological wristwatch. A principle of mobile meteo-stations.
Gathering data and knowledge elaborated on a stationary complex in the form of microsensors on a hand, which measure certain parameters of human vital activity.
Physicians analyze the data regarding adequacy of organism’s reactions at the meteorological change.
An objective is to inform a patient about a risk of critical states at meteorological changes and individual recommendations regarding algorithm of his actions.

 functions in real time;
 user-friendly, comprehensive interface;
 flexible program for analyzing results;
 feedback effect between changes in meteorological factors and differentiation of sanogenic and pathological changes in organism;
 absent devices with feedback about patient’s state on the market .
Potential consumers
1. Medical establishments – from an outpatients departments of a family doctor to resuscitation departments for stationary monitoring of ill-being of the living system and dynamic control of efficiency of the prescribed treatment.
2. Individual biological wristwatch – urgent necessity for people over 40 years for preventing insults and other critical states that can cause serious disorders and can disable the person.
3. Businessmen, people who often fly or move in areas of risky changes of meteorological factors.
Current stage of the project
1. A stationary model: a test sample has been developed, which measures changes of meteo-factors in the given point, namely:
atmospheric pressure, air humidity, air temperature, wind velocity, magnetic vibrations.

It requires equipment modernization, development of algorithms for feedback connection.
Current stage of the project
2. E-mail message – we attempted to create the server of data collection according to the worked out questionnaire of the meteo-sensitivity, and in accordance with of meteo-factors’ data and questionnaires’ data messages were sent via е-mail.
3. Biological watch – the technology is under development.
• domestic weather-stations: digital and analogue.
• weather sites:, etc.
Competitors’ limitations:
1) oriented to the mass consumer, but not a patient,
2) lack of an individual approach and connection with the patient’s state.
1. Market risks
• Adequacy of a price to resources of a consumer-patient
• Stabilization of weather factors
2. Financial risks
• A long-term project with three interconnected stages
• Instability of the macroeconomics
Financial part
Cost-effective preventives always exceed treatment expenses of irreversible disorders in vitally important organs.

 Forms of the innovative project realization
Our company is searching for:
– partners and investors in order to develop the existing technologies and creation of new ones on terms of the financial investing.
– cooperation with producers of medical equipment.
– cooperation with dealers and distributors of medical equipment.

Lets protect the population health together!

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