Not an ordinary woman

Woman – sounds proudly! Today it is my life credo.

Today I reflect a self-sufficient Ukrainian woman with all my concessions, imidge of the Ukrainian business woman and life view.
My vital experience, boundless world view, extraordinarily wide range of work experience and knowledge, from various directions of science allows me to be freely oriented in many spheres of life, science, technique, information, politics and etc.
For years I began to realize a difference between a clever and a wise woman. Being at the age of “conscious youth” I consider that I have already grown to a level, when I can apply on a status of a wise woman.

At the same time I continue deeper to understand essence of competitive advantages of woman way of thinking, behaviour style, psychoemotional comfort of woman’s Ego.

Parents put the kernel of woman personality in the process of girl’s education. At the same time the domestic relations of woman form her further character of happy and unhappy woman. I consider that a woman who is oppressed in her family cannot be happy, she is not able to expose the deep essence and mission in her own life cycle “from a girl to a grandmother”.

Once I had an opportunity to master the femininity art, when you not just copy a selected character of a woman heroine, but can form your unique character.
Appropriately, that the combined character of woman is formed by her man which helps her to light up the best character traits, her psychotype and to realize or repress own plans, projects, desires, future vision.

Today I consider myself as self-sufficient, self-realised woman, who has formed her image style ,ethics and self-defence.

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