Ulyana Lushchyk – a leader

Management activity

Ulyana Lushchyk has some exclusive experience:

1) creation and leadership of the group of companies “Victoria Veritas”, which has been developing for almost two decades (since 1996), the owner of up-todate innovative technologies,
2) huge knowledge in the related fields of medicine – medical technology (10 years of teaching experience in the medical instrument manufacture NTUU “KPI”),
3) the second higher education of jurisprudence (Medical Law), experience of application of norms in medical law in own clinic and three years of teaching experience of medical law at the International Solomon University,
4) the third higher education program TOP-executive management MBA with the development of modern industrial process control methodologies, cost-informed management decisions, developing strategies and tactics to achieve successful development of organizations at both the micro- and macro-level,
5) wide experience of cooperation with public associations – Association of Entrepreneurs, Lviv society in Kyiv (manager in child ethnographic program “Lion”, the head of health club at Lviv society, social activity in organizing seminars on reforms in the health system, a moderator of the Club “Science and intellect of the nation” in public association “Ukrainian community”)
allows her to combine and use the experience and knowledge in both the private and in the national development sectors in Ukraine.

The above key aspects of business activity allows Ulyana Lushchyk purposefully to apply her knowledge and experience for effective management reforms in the scientific, medical and innovative reforms in Ukraine necessary today at the state and business levels.

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