His Majesty Qaboos bin Said al Said Sultan of Oman

His Majesty Qaboos bin Said al Said Sultan of Oman

I had never the privilege of seeing His Majesty close, never personally communicated with him.

However, for 3 years of residence in Oman, I had the impression that I was familiar with HM: acquainted with the feelings and responses of Omani citizens, expatriates, and my own observations of the life of the Sultanate of Oman.

Every year, Oman celebrates HM Sultan Qaboos’s birthday – November 18th, and this holiday is converted into a monthly carnival dedicated to the 47th Glorious National Day – since November 1st to November 30th. The whole country is dressed in three colors of the flag of Oman – white, red and green: all buildings, highways and even cars are festive decorated with floral colors and portraits of HM Sultan Qaboos.

Therefore, at this page, I would like to dwell on the charismatic personality of HM Sultan Qaboos, who, at the age of thirty, began his career as the leader of the Sultanate of Oman, and for 47 years brought the country to a fundamentally different level of civilization development.

I’ll start with HM Sultan Qaboos’s pictures

The picture of HM Sultan of Oman is a visiting card of the Sultanate of Oman: always smiling, cheerful, well-balanced and attentive, demanding and concentrated almost on all photos, regardless of his age. You can write about HM a lot and do not really describe HM whole charismatic personality. His photo is everywhere – on the streets, on buildings, on cars, in offices and at homes.

It seems that his spirit is present everywhere, he inspires for new achievements and controls the outcome.

His figure is versatile – national uniforms, military uniforms, by the car, in consideration of new projects, at the meeting of the Ministry, at the reception of the oath of the ambassadors of the Sultanate of Oman, at a solemn meeting of personally invited guests – the heads of states, a special image for travel to Europe.

The most popular photos of HM Sultan Qaboos in the national dishdasha (from traditionally white to varied colors and shades) with corresponding Omani attributes – an embroidered scarf on his head, specially laid out in a pattern above his forehead and a belt in the style of a scarf for which it was fixed  – a symbolic weapon of Oman.

The birthday of HM Sultan Qaboos in the country is celebrated the most solemnly from among all the holidays from the Arab New Year to Ramadan.

For the first time when I found palm trees in illumination (like the Christmas trees), the roads in the colored illuminations of the Omani tricolor – white, red, green – were extremely impressed. I asked my friends – what’s the holiday? In response, I heard – our Sultan Qaboos returned from treatment… The country met its Sultan with large billboards at the airport, salutes, posters, fireworks and illumination in the whole Muscat – the capital of the Sultanate of Oman.

It was striking and at the same time added more and more questions: is this a PR-action or indeed, such unlimited love of the people to its leader? Is the person’s cult or in fact such an inexhaustible love to HM Sultan Qaboos?

Gradually I collected thoughts, stories, asked questions and received answers. I wished to realize myself, to take on sympathy and understand the genesis of such love.

Indeed, it is the boundless love and gratitude of the Omani people to their leader – HM Sultan Qaboos. A person, who has made the civilization jump of his country, from the desert into modern civilization for 45 years.

Passing the threshold of the airport, you just forget and do not feel any stigma of your soul that you are in a desert. Oman is a new civilization based on clear rules of behavior, which are simply called Rules of Omani. The Sultanate of Oman, at the same time, is a modern country with the rules of applying the latest innovations in the industry, in the infrastructure of cities and villages, maritime industry, aviation, irreproachable highways, numerous electronic payment systems and banking.

However, the first thing that strikes is the absence of the image of a desert, since the green is dominant. Oman has greens everywhere – from palm trees to blossoming snow-white plumeria with a delicate smell, from evergreen flower beds to ever-blooming shrubs of buchenville with a large range of colors – from white to red, from pale pink to rich raspberry colour, from pale to orange to beautiful coral, from color of apple blossom to the color and shades of lilac blossom.

While admiring the greenery of Oman, for some reason you constantly forget that you are in the middle of the desert and all this beauty is man-made – someone invisible plans and cares for this miracle, pours and nourishes it, so that the inhabitants of Oman, guests and tourists can admire this beauty. Someone produces electricity, drinking water, fresh water for daily irrigation of all plants.

It’s even hard to imagine that it was not before. The hot sun has an extraordinary power – almost in the summer, it turns an ordinary plastic bag from a supermarket into a handful of small fragments. Therefore, plants practically burn in the sun. That is why it is even hard to understand what everyday efforts require all this beauty.

As the locals told me, 40 years ago, the capital of Oman – Muscat had only one road and 3 schools, many people did not have good clothes.

Today Muscat is the white capital of Oman, which gladly welcomes guests and captures at first sight, even at night. I also fell in love with this country at first sight and called Muscat as my white capital, and Oman – my second homeland.

The greens and colorful flowers of Arabia have so captivated me that I do not feel here uncomfortable. Greenery is something like in Ukraine.

Today, Muscat is a modern metropolis with low-rise white buildings stretched 100 km along the sea and between mountain ranges (according to HM Sultan Qaboos order, since 1970’s all buildings in Muscat are colored only in white), there are several highways that penetrate the city along the way and have excellent road junctions, there are many institutes and universities, both local and representatives from Europe, England and America. Numerous schools and lyceums, colleges are the source of knowledge for a new generation of Omani. The cult of knowledge today is the most cultivated in Oman, as the country is experiencing a new round of civilization development – the omanization of labor resources.

Today’s Oman is imressing with impeccable autobahn with signposts, speed control cameras and great nature that captivates at every way.

    • the untouched beauty of the colored “naked” mountains, which spill over in the sunlight in the morning and at sunset;
    • the charming beauty of the desert with high dunes, formed from 2-3 colors of orange-colored sand, which has shades from white to brown and black. Due to these shades, the color of the desert is not monotonous, but relief;
    • the boundless sea-ocean, known as the Oman Sea, with the transition to the Indian Ocean, rich in varieties of coral and fish;
    • green oases between mountains and valleys that receive rainwater from the mountains or from underground sources and rich in magnificent beauty of green palms.

This unarmed beauty of Oman fascinates and prompts to explore all the new corners of this charming land on the shores of the Indian Ocean.

It is no accident that today the Sultanate of Oman is called Arabic Switzerland, since the beauty of untouched nature of the mountains and the desert competes with the man-made beauty and greenery of the cities. In fact, many tourists come to the conclusion that Oman is the most attractive of all Arab countries.

HM Sultan Qaboos is the leader and father of the nation

Today Oman celebrates the 47th anniversary of its Renaissance.



Already since the first of November the capital is all festively clothed in 3-colored illumination, national flags. When I asked the locals about the essence of the flag, the explanation was simple: white is the color of peace, red is the blood that shed for independence, green is the color of life! That’s so easy and optimistic.

On numerous photos, I have never seen HM Sultan Qaboos in staging pictures – at the awarding ceremony, at school, at university. Here is a clear hierarchy in the political and governmental structures – everyone is engaged in his own, that is, tactically implements all the strategic plans determined by the leader of the nation. So, in the photo you can see HM Sultan Qaboos on the presentation of development projects of a region, a city, a factory, a building – stands in the field in the desert exhibited stands and the projects and HM Sultan Qaboos arrives himself (as a rule, himself by car), considers, provides recommendations. Yes, this is a strategy for the country development and here he holds his hand on the pulse.

I would like to dwell on the position of HM Sultan Qaboos regarding the management of the automobile tuple and the car by himself. Among the numerous quotes of HM Sultan Qaboos and his reflections published under the heading “Wisdom of Sultan Qaboos,” was an explanation that he has the opportunity to look at the road, the situation and choose the direction of his own, by his own control of the car. I think that this is also the style of governance of the state – the Sultanate of Oman. As a true leader of the nation – Sultan Qaboos is always ahead: the pioneer and discoverer of new unexplored distances, new directions for the development and improvement of already existing projects.

Other photos and videos – HM Sultan Qaboos at a government meeting – he smiles, inquires, tells, explains, justifies, listens, gestures.

It is enough to understand that he is aware of all the affairs, events. A wise and well-balanced position in life helps not only manage, but also advise, correct the work of subordinates. The real father of the nation and the leader of the government is friendly, smiling, but his hand is always on the heart of the development of the country’s Sultanate of Oman.

Top-manager or rather, the top-strategist of the Sultanate of Oman – HM Sultan Qaboos

It is clear that the country is governed not only by HM Sultan Qaboos. Probably there is a whole system of management. However, it should be noted that all projects initially pass the same kind of exhibition demonstration, professional discussion, processing all proposals and comments. The last stage is the approval of the whole project and the beginning of the implementation.

It’s good that the basics of project-management have found such a profound and everyday application in the Sultanate of Oman. During my visit, I watched the discussion of a new Tanfeedh national project for the development of the Sultanate as a non-oil economy in Oman in summer 2016. In fact, almost every citizen or resident-expatriate of Oman has had an opportunity to join the discussion.

Almost all development projects are real and, if they begin, very quickly gain circle and expand. So, for my stay, a modern international airport in Salalah, Sohar, has been opened, is approaching the completion of the construction of the new international airport in Muscat (the previous new airport was opened 5 years ago), develops its own air industry OmanAir and entered the airspace new providers of low-cost passenger air transport.

Right at my eyes, international tourism has started, which over the past 2 years is gaining circle all over the country and covers the whole country – cities, mountains, sea, desert, wadi, numerous defense forts – fortifications as defense mini-cities. By the way, all forts were rebuilt in its original form thanks to HM Sultan Qaboos’s project to restore the historical memory of the people of Oman.

Today, new large projects have been launched in the cities of Duqum, in the distant part of the Oman Peninsula Musandam. The successful development of Salalah as an Arabian summer residence for residents of the GCC countries is gaining circle, as the temperature range of 29-35 C0 is very attractive for citizens from countries where at this time about 50-60 C0.

HM Sultan Qaboos is a Commander of the Omani Army.

Until now, the Sultanate of Oman was a closed military country, over the past 3-5 years, international tourism has been increasing in Oman and the country is becoming more open to foreign visitors, tourists, vacationers.

Today, the military power of Oman is quite high, but nobody speaks about it, moreover, it does not knock weapons to intimidate others. Everything is quiet and calm, but everywhere it is safe – as in the city you can go with an open bag, as well as in the mountains or on the coast of the sea you can relax with a tent and not be afraid of anyone. This is also the merit of the Sultan of Oman – to provide peace and security to all the citizens and guests of Oman.

First, when you arrive at the airport – the full personal responsibility of every inhabitant of Oman for safety comes into play: all things are very carefully checked – passport and customs control, border control, but friendly and with a smile. In the future – a complete relaxation in a country where you can just open the car – nobody touches someone else.

Often, HM Sultan Qaboos can be seen in a military uniform.

HM Sultan Qaboos holds the following ranks:

  • Field Marshal, Royal Army of Oman
  • Admiral of the Fleet, Royal Navy of Oman
  • Marshal of the Royal Air Force of Oman
  • Supreme Commander, Royal Oman Police
  • Honorary General, British Army

In all the photos and videos – the military image of HM Sultan Qaboos – strict, well-balanced, courageous, demanding to himself and others.

The photo in military uniform – as the commander-in-chief, always in the foreground at military trainings and at a military parade.

So, on the birthday of HM Sultan Qaboos – November 18, there is always a military parade … without military equipment, without weapons, but with various military orchestras, national musical instruments. HM Sultan Qaboos takes a peaceful military parade with well-trained musical orchestras.

This powerful military state, without weaponry, demonstrates its peaceful intentions and friendly policies both within the country and in the foreign arena.

I want to write about peace-loving politics separately.

HM Sultan Qaboos is an icon of peace.

Today, HM Sultan Qaboos nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. On his facebook page.

Over 250,000 people support this idea. And not just supports. For a long time, the image of HM Sultan Qaboos has been formulated as an icon of the World – a peace-loving policy between different peoples and nationalities in Oman, the GCC countries and the world.

I will try to present everything in order.

The people of Oman consist of 3 genealogical branches: 1 – Omani people; 2 – people from Zanzibar, an African branch of Omani civilization; 3 – people from India – an Indian branch of Oman, who have long inhabited in Oman.

What does it look like: all Omani people carry traditional Omani clothes – men dishdasha, women – black abayasare, everyone speak Omani language.

Among the specifics of the Omani communication is a multiphasic “roll call” from “have a nice day!” to questions about well-being, family, work, car, etc. The interlocutors actually “overwhelm” each other with phrases, without waiting for an answer. This can be up to 10 mutual phrases that actually sound fast and without interruption.

Historically, it has happened that at a certain stage of development of Oman, HM Sultan Qaboos proclaimed all the inhabitants who lived for a long time in Oman, the people of Oman.

Indeed, there are no different flows among the population of Oman, among the tribes that were previously numerous and isolated. Today, this is the only Omani people who profess Islam, pray in numerous mosques, and is proud to be a high rank of a resident of Oman.

Omani perople are open, hospitable, they are wonderful about their country everywhere – no matter where you are – in the capital, on the periphery, in a fishing village or in a mountainous settlement. Always smiling, many Omani people speak not only Omani language, but also English. With the mutual desire to find a common language or understanding, you can always get the right information even with minimal knowledge of English or Arabic. It is necessary to personally feel how every Omani person tells about his country with love, about his Father – HM Sultan Qaboos.

You can periodically watch a video or a photo – as the tuple of Sultan Qaboos stops and HM Sultan Qaboos speaks with the locals, the gray-haired elders of the genus. Such respect for the elders is worthy of the highest praise.

Half of Oman’s residents are expatriates – immigrants from other countries working in Oman. This is an interesting stratum of the Omani people – foreigners who work under a contract of 2 years or more, or those foreigners who have fallen in love with Oman and have lived here for a longer time. In fact, there are no differences between nations. Everyone speaks English, some are studying Omani and Arabic, and communicates with locals in their native language. At the same time, everyone maintains their culture, communicates both with the Internationals Society and their fellow countrymen.

Long I tried to understand how it was possible to combine in one country all the nations of the world and peacefully coexist. In fact, when you meet the acquaintance, the maximum you ask – from which country you are – and after receiving the answer, almost half of the information about the person and his country of origin is imaginary-available. Then you can ask the nuances, share experiences, if someone was in your country or you visited the country of the interlocutor.

It should be emphasized that no one ever raised the question of religion, because in the capital of Oman, Muscat, there are many religious structures of various religious movements and denominations. Therefore, anyone can visit their religious community.

Oman is truly unique as a country where peoples are peacefully coexisting with different languages, cultures and religions. And these are not simple words. In our time, when it is fashionable to look for an enemy according to different principles – political, religious, etc., Oman demonstrates a peace-loving policy of mutual assistance, mutual understanding and cooperation in various branches of the economy.

Recently, I look through an article about the national and civilizational choice in the development of the state. It is pleasantly surprised that Oman has surpassed the time and has formed a fundamentally new, multi-ethnic society, laying the foundations for civilizational development and the national idea of the revival of Oman. In the name of Oman’s prosperity, HM Sultan Qaboos has proposed a concept for peace-loving politics at the level of inter-ethnic consensus among Omani peoples and between different nationalities in the world.

Today, Oman demonstrates to the world the order, legitimacy, respect to the individual and the protection of the rights and freedoms of everyone in the Sultanate of Oman. Accepting the title of Sultan Qaboos as the Hero of the Nation and the icon of Peace, Oman today demonstrates a high level of inner culture and tolerance for all nations and nations around the world. De facto – HM Sultan Qaboos today is not just a contender for the high award – the Nobel Prize – he just overcame it, because he does not just declare peace, but clearly demonstrates how it can be realized in a single Arab country, where no one focuses on the country of origin and religious beliefs. I think that this example of wise governance and peaceful statehood in the Sultanate of Oman can serve as an example for Europe and America to overcome the crisis of refugees and Islamophobia that is urgent for the present.

Today, many talk about peace, but few can manage peaceful positions in their country, on the continent.

Europe has always been silent on the development of Arab countries and kept some neutrality. Today, at the time of total globalization and the threat of Peace in the world, the experience of Oman is not only worth noting and imitation, but also useful for European countries in order to create a peaceful policy and peacekeeping mission among the peoples of the world who emigrate today and are looking for a new homeland.

Therefore, HM Sultan Qaboos’s recognition of the Nobel Prize is a prestige at first for Europe and America in fair recognition of the real merits of the Oman’s Sultanate Leader in creating a peaceful, multinational country with a modern level of civilized progressive development and peaceful coexistence de facto, rather than just the formation of peace-loving concepts on paper.

Today, in a globalized European society, it must be admitted that Islamophobia is a negative and ungrounded phenomenon that generates discord and opposition among peoples. HM Sultan Qaboos made the first step towards Europeans – he created a multinational country on the Arabian continent. The next step in Europe and America is to recognize this as an innovation in Peaceful Coexistence, study and multiply this experience, judge it properly and fairly at the international level, recognize the Arab leaders who, by their example and achievements, is a guide for other nations in the peace-making policy of the world.

HM Sultan Qaboos is a undisputed nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize

HM Sultan Qaboos is a living legend of an entire nation. In life, he received the title of the Hero of the Nation. Wisdom and prudence in the management of the Sultanate of Oman, courage and goodwill, a policy of peaceful settlement and peaceful coexistence with all countries and peoples. A person, who always smiles, has radically changed the development of Oman. Today Sultan Qaboos on the eve of his 77th anniversary.

On a covered skateboard in the capital of Oman – Muscat I watched a swift boy of 5-6 years old, who first came to the ice to study skating: he fell-rose-fell again. It lasted 1.5 hours – a skate session. At the time of the end of the riding time, I was pleased to state that he still started to skate. Girls who skated along confirmed that the child was the first time on a skating rink. I did not keep my admiration and said to him: You are a HERO like HM Sultan Qaboos!

I was shocked with the boy’s response: It turns out that HM Sultan Qaboos can’t skate!

I calmly explained to the boy who just started living in the wonderful civilization of Oman that the Sultan of Oman created all this to enable the Omani residents to have and know what he could only dream in his childhood.

Here’s one man can change a country, a nation, a civilization.

I would like to see in our Ukraine how our elite think what they leave behind in their history and in the future of Ukraine.

Inevitably, comparing the two countries – Oman and Ukraine – two countries, the results of which I can observe and compare.

The last 2 years I often visit Oman – the country, that I’m ready to call my second home. I cannot believe that 30 years could destroy successful Ukraine with the hardworking and creative population on the beautiful fertile black soil. It’s pity, but this is a fact. And simultaneously, during the same time, for last 40 years has been created a new country in a desert – Oman: the modern civilized country with unspoiled nature, mountains, sea, desert and wadi, perfect high-ways, educated and hospitable people and expatriate’s society, who are investing their knowledge and experience in the development of Oman.

The rating of leader depends from the facts regarding the development of the country.

His Majesty Sultan Qaboos is a real embodiment of wise, prudent, creative head of Oman, who leads a very wise policy of peaceful coexistence of Oman in the world. I think this is a role model for other state leaders. Fully agrees with the view that Sultan Qaboos – is an icon of world peace that deserves worldwide recognition and awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize.

In any nomination there should be logic and justice – these are two criteria that reflect the truth of the algorithms for selecting applicants for a nomination.

Both in science and in the recognition of leadership, one cannot give priority to political and religious views. An important result demonstrated by the country and its Leader are ready to share the story of success for the restoration of the Peace in other countries.

I wish the peace and prosperity for Oman, the blessings of God, health and many years to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos in the light of wisdom and further progressive development of the Sultanate of Oman.

Oman is preparing for 47 National Day on 18 November, presenting respect to beloved His Majesty Sultan Qaboos everywhere.

Let’s pray for the World Peace and Humanity.

Allah blesses His Majesty Sultan Qaboos in Peace and Health!

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