Self-identification is not just an image

Everyone is a person. Sooner or later, self-identification is manifested in the style of his behaviour, in literacy and the beauty of language, in manners and in the style of clothing.

Long since, each nation had its own style of speech, dialect, as self-identification of a certain population.

Over time, multilingualism has become a feature of the implementation of global world trends and the blur of national consciousness. I think that this is not from the great minds of politicians, but rather from deep complexes and fear of inferiority.

In the time of globalization and the blurring of national self-identification, the question of self-identification remains now and will always be relevant as an option for the progress of human development. The formation of the grey mass has never led to anything good.

Therefore, both in childhood and at the conscious age, each person has the right to express his/her own identification in language, behaviour, clothing style, communication, demonstration of their own preferences and favourite activities.

To the embroidery day: self-identification of Ukrainians in the world is an embroidered dress. Always and everywhere. It’s like an integral dress code.

And the farther you are from home, the more often we wear the embroidered dress.

Once, even before the war, a phrase-forecast slipped through that Ukraine would change the world. It is difficult to say anything unequivocal about Ukraine, but the fact that Ukrainian expatriates and emigrants are changing the world. That is a fact. I have some experience and some observations on this issue.

Today, the embroidered dress has become a dress code for Ukrainians around the world and is associated with sincerity, openness, culture, friendliness, creativity of Ukrainians.

It is nice and gratifying that we and the world are changing for the better.

P.S. We always represent Ukraine in embroidered dress at international congresses and exhibitions:


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