Neurodynamic lab

Project idea
To create a program-technical complex that will enhance and automate diagnosing of the brain electrical activity with the ability to harmonize its functions.

Problems and Statistics

A problem of early diagnosis and correction of the brain dysfunctions becomes extremely important both in childhood and to save manpower efficiency

Every second inhabitant of the planet has minimal malfunction of the brain
Early signs of the brain various diseases are difficult to diagnose
Late signs of brain dysfunction is difficult to treat

Paroxysmal states in the brain are:
among adults – 8 per 1,000 persons
among children – 50 per 1,000.

Epilepsy – 0.5-1% of the population and 3% of children


Create widely available technology that will have a software complex with feedback which, in conjunction with existing electroencephalography, allows diagnosing in more details dysfunctions and harmonizing the functions of the brain.


Before the treatment

After treatment.

Medical technology includes

• Hardware;
• Software;
• Methodology.



• operates in real time;
• convenient, comprehensive interface;
• flexible program for the results analysis;
• precision and highly sensitive;
• completely harmless;
• painless;
• safe;
• non-invasive.


• Hospitals, medical centers: neuropsychiatric, stationary, diagnostic department;
• Intensive care units and centers of critical states;
• Emergency first aid centers;
• Rehabilitation departments and centers;
• Ambulatory of family physicians.
Life stage of the project

• Ready parts of devices;
• Huge clinical material (> 1500 EEG- curves);
• Algorithm development of software and hardware complex;
• Experience in the field – 17 years.


• Neurosoft (Russia) – set “Neuron-Soft”
• Grass Grass Technology (USA) – EEG DVR

1. Market risks:
• Disruptive technologies of robotic effects on the brain;
• Robotics jobs;
• Elimination of human-level manpower.

2. Financial risks:
• Lack of funding;
• Change in tax rates in the IT field;
• Inflationary processes, delayed payments.
It is a profitable business!

Our company is looking for:

• Partners and investors for development of existing and new technologies on terms of financial investment;
• Cooperation with manufacturers of medical equipment;
• Cooperation with dealers and distributors of medical equipment.

Brain is the most expensive thing in the human!
Officer intelligence is the most valuable in a company.

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