Ulyana Bogdanivna Lushchyk was born on February 1, 1964 in Ternopil in a family of physicians. She graduated secondary school with honors. Being a schoolgirl she chose her future profession – she decided to become a doctor like her father and mother. She was preparing for this thoroughly and seriously – she covered everything in medicine from the very beginning till the end: she was working as a hospital attendant and a nurse.

In 1981-1988 she was studying at the medical faculty of the Ternopil State Medical Institute. Being a school girl she felt yearning for scientific work, she became the Biology contests winner. And while studying at the institute, she became an active member of student scientific society. In the student scientific club of the nervous diseases department in the Ternopil Medical Institute she accomplished four scientific research works in the sphere of cerebral hemodynamics and the influence of vasoactive remedies on it in patients with stroke. She was taking an active part in student scientific conferences, became a diplomatist of the republican contests of student research studies. At that time she began developing and practicing the technique of ultrasound dopplerography of extracranial arteries in the head.

After graduating from the Medical Institute in 1988-1989 she had her internship at the Podil Central District Hospital in Kyiv, then she worked as a district therapeutist, a neuropathist at ambulance, a functional diagnostician in a laboratory of cardiovascular pathophysiology of the Kyiv Research Institute of Clinical and Experimental Surgery, later in the Republican Mother and Child Center, “Heoran” Scientific Center. She often had extension courses in Neurology in the Shupyk Kyiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, as well as on visiting sessions of Moscow Medical Academy named after I. M. Sechenov in the field of “neurology”, “epileptology”, and “functional diagnostics”.

In 1994 she presented her thesis for a degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences. Innovative technologies in the diagnostics and treatment are the main components of the prestige of Ulyana Lushchyk as a physician and innovator. For 1990-1994 she developed a fundamentally new method of location and clinical data interpretation of ultrasound diagnostics and ultrasound scanning of arterial and venous blood flow in the head and neck. On July 19, 1995 “Method of ultrasound diagnostics of cerebral vessels” was patented by the State Patent Office of Ukraine.

In 1996 “Istyna” scientific and methodical center for ultrasound medical diagnostics was established. Its creation was dictated by the necessity to develop new methods of ultrasound diagnostics. Here Ulyana Bogdanivna Lushchyk long held the position of scientific consultant and general director.

In 1999 Ulyana Lushchyk defended the thesis for the degree of Doctor of Medicine.
In 2004 she became a winner of a professional achievement rating “The Leader of Ukraine”.
In 2012 she was awarded with the Vernadsky order “For services in science”.

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