Modelling of own dresses

With an embroidered in my soul and heart

My student style of embroideries.









With an embroidered in my soul and heart

My student style of embroideries.

Among needlework I preferred knitting.

I did not like to embroider, although my grandmother Maria taught me to embroider in different ways: from the cross to yavorivka, nyzyna and curly nyzyna.

My mother often asked me, “How are you going to embroider your wedding towels?” To which she received the traditional answer, “I’ll knit them!”

In the third year at the institute, I broke through: before the wedding of my cousin, there was an idea to make an embroidered dress. As a result, in 3 months I came up with a model on my own dress, cut it under the control of a master, sewed and embroidered a dress by myself.

An embroidered dress is a code and self-identification of a nation.

And later in my life, it has become my business style:

Embroidered dress in my life. It is always a feeling of celebration. Thanks to the embroidered dress and everyday life can be turned into a holiday.
I have long had the idea of ​​a business suit with embroidery.
I wanted to combine business and folk style together, because the colorful style of the Ukrainian female personality is hard to imagine without an embroidered dress.

Embroidered medical dress code is a daily norm for a decade.
It is noteworthy that on the 25th anniversary of the Istyna Research Center entered a new corporate style of embroidery for the medical cluster – in purple and gold tones.
Our scientists have proposed this design for the clinic.
Compared to previous red and black embroidery, these white robes have become very delicate.
This is especially important, because the Clinic of Vascular Innovations works on our technologies with patients of psychoneurological and vascular profile, whose exhausted brain needs an aura of comfort, trust, kindness and love.
An aura of mutual trust and respect for human values ​​is the credo of the Veritas Research Center and our partners, such as the Clinic of Vascular Innovation.

First, it was an idea, then the search for a master who could catch all the fibers of my soul and realize all the whims.
That’s how Alyona Belyaeva appeared in my life and since 2005 she and I have been creating various wonderful things as a duo.
Creativity and imagination in the sewing process gives a favorite thing for a long time.
Since then, I have had a Ukrainian business style at all international congresses.
During this period, 2 unique collections were created:




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