Facts are a stubborn thing, so I trust the diagnostic equipment, my own experience and up-to-date technologies for diagnostics and personalized treatment, which give positive results.

U.B. Lushchyk

The knowledge and experience of an expert doctor, invested in modern analytical technologies in medicine, open to each doctor new facets of success in the art of treatment

Vessels. Brain. Psychoneurorehabilitation. Our technology for your success.

Unknown. Known-unknown brain.
She was able to understand the deep essence of brain disorders!
To understand the level of failure (informative, energy, vascular, brain, hydrodynamic, etc or a combination of them) is the most important thing”. This is how the model of the affected brain is formed.”
U.B. Lushchyk

She knows everything about vessels!

Acad. Lushchyk U.B. is a founder of the direction
Individual PsychoNeurorehabilitation of “incurable”
conditions on an evidence basis.

The results of her medical work can be found.


For colleagues

  • Innovative medical technologies all inclusive;
  • Vascular diagnostics at the macro and micro levels;
  • Innovations in angiopsychoneurology;
  • Comprehensive diagnosis of CVS;
  • Pathological neoangiogenesis and oncocapillaries;
  • Integrated neurorehabilitation;
  • Modeling of meteotropic reactions;
  • Vascular correction in diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

I always respect researchers and lecturers. This is a difficult life path to learn to summarize the acquired knowledge, experience, theory and practice in their field. An even more difficult but interesting niche is to grow to the level of an analyst at the intersection of many disciplines, both in medicine and in business management, in medical jurisprudence. My field of research interests is so diverse that today it allows me to freely combine professional knowledge and many years of experience, transfer it from one field of medicine to another, borrow certain management algorithms for modeling the logic of living organisms, model indicative parameters and predict brain management decisions, normal and pathological conditions.Mathematical modeling of various situations in the human body together with prof. Novitsky VV (novytskyy.org.ua) allows me to be the constant research director of the clinic, which specializes in vascular problems, brain disorders, individually selected treatment and comprehensive neurorehabilitation of psychoneurological and cardiovascular patients (inno-health.com).

Today I have accumulated enough knowledge and experience to transfer entire technologies to doctors and medical institutions. I love to help young researchers, talented young people to find themselves and develop in the field of science and innovation. At the same time, the collaboration with world scientists in the transcontinental projects Life Science within the Horisont 2020 program is extremely interesting and fruitful.

An MBA business education with a specialization in innovation management allows me today to take a new look at scientific management and reorient my own experience of enterprise management to the creation of innovative medical technologies.

Today I work as a manager of investment and innovation projects in the medical cluster of the VV group of companies, which unite Istyna-Veritas Research Center, my own clinical base – the Clinic of Vascular Innovations, Alcesta PO to support talented youth and Veritas IT Med Center for Innovative Medical Technologies.

I always open to communication, cooperation, planning and implementation of various research and investment and innovative projects.

Ulyana Lushchyk – a teacher

She prepared and taught: course in vascular noninvasive diagnostics (USDG of cerebral arteries and veins), angioneurology and neurodynamics (“Istyna” scientific…



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