Ulyana Lushchyk – an innovator

Innovative activities
(creation of medical intellectual technologies from idea to production piece)

• Development and creation of innovative medical technologies;
• Innovative technologies in vascular diagnostics on macro- and microlevel;
• Innovative approaches of evidence-based medicine in angiopsychoneurology;
• Integrated diagnostics of the entire cardiovascular system with clinical analytics;
• Pathological neoangiogenesis and technologies of medicated sanitation of oncocapillaries;
• Analytical approaches to clinical interpretation of neurodynamic dysfunction;
• Multidisciplinary personalized algorithms in integrated neurorehabilitation;
• Individual approaches to the integrated correction of hemodynamic disorders;
• Investigation of pathological and sanogenic alterations of the human body;
• Mathematical modeling of meteotropic responses;
• Integrated approaches to vascular correction in diabetes and metabolic syndrome cases.

Field of common interests in partnership with P.L.Shupik National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education
• Innovative management and capitalization of intellectual property items
• Optional course “Basics of medical law” for practicing physicians
• Innovative multidisciplinary approaches to the problem of person harmonization in restorative angiology and psychoneurology


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You-tube channel: Innovative technologies