We are ordered to survive

How being in total stress not to fall into depression, fight back ailments, turning helplessness optimism?

Chronic stress – is not just excessive but vitally dangerous test for the organism. Ukrainian societies due to political events are forced to live in such conditions too long. How to preserve their physical and mental health? –  I speak with the capital specialist in vascular problems, a physician and scientist, MD Ulyana Lushchyk.

“A man is constantly under the yoke, and the brain begins to serious failures …”

– Mrs. Ulyana, Ukrainians for over half a year live in “total stress”. Since the beginning of last year’s winter is no opportunity to relax, worry about everyday life, not endlessly immersed in politics. All this affects the health and well-being. Your fellow doctors anxiously awaiting the huge surge of mental illness, neurological disorders – there are inevitable consequences of such a situation. Do you feel a similar trend in your practice?

It’s hard to call it a trend – it is the statistics today. Virtually every civilians (not talking about those who are involved in combat operations) complains about poor health, internal anxiety, spiritual emptiness, disturbed sleep, inability to concentrate at work, urgent cases, dependence on sources of information. In fact, we are talking about global chronic stress, which is vitally dangerous.

If the events on the Maidan society perceived as a national liberation struggle, now they understand that sustained fighting continues undeclared war against Ukraine, which increases the dirty information warfare. The man under the yoke of all time: it is difficult to understand what information is reliable, but where an avalanche of false news that all is going on and which side of the barricades she actually is. The man who used to predict now cannot do that. Cannot figure out what to do tomorrow, can’t concentrate on the job because the thought is not about work. Now, many employers are in the disabled groups.

All this is too pressure on the brain, and he begins to disrupt seriously.

– Ukrainian driven to a standstill psychological experiences. And most do not know how to get out of it, and someone does not believe that it may be possible…

– The situation of chronic stress today affected not only Ukraine, but also Europe as a whole. A month ago at the investment forum in Germany I faced a similar situation. Europe is now suffering from the Flammer syndrome, so named after the French physician who described this state. This refers to the fact that middle managers and top level, taking management decisions, get much information component of their work and very little opportunity to relax, rejuvenate.

If we compare the situation that was 20 years ago with the current, it is heaven and earth. We are working so effectively in the information environment that the body does not maintain this pace. Previously letter written by hand, sent by mail and weeks of waiting for answers, now daily we have to answer hundreds of emails and messages in Skype … With everything else this social tension is natural that a person does not find an exit. And most patients appeal with such problems now.

Even chronic diseases are different. It’s much hard to work with patients. Organisms are so unbalanced that you do not know what to expect in the next minute. Often it takes 2-3 months to stabilize the condition of the patient.

And moreover 60 percent of our citizens chronically don’t care of their own health. A son of a patient who came to the emergency room with a diagnosis “stroke” said: “My mom has never liked doctors, so never appealed to them.” So why now? Indeed, in urgent circumstances to help people with the disease is more difficult.

“This it turns into auto aggression and the person falls ill”

– But to live in conditions of balancing in force majeure is too unbearable…

– Today, people are divided. Someone goes to a war zone, as a soldier, as a doctor. Another realizes himself as a volunteer, someone supports army financially. The hardest thing is for those who cannot realize themselves. Some people feel guilty that they cannot help, do not have the resources. This fault is becoming an auto aggression that attacks the body and the person starts to ill. What is the danger of the Flammer syndrome? In most cases – and in Europe it is understood – everything ends severe degenerative disorders of the nervous system, multiple sclerosis, chronic infection. So the body tries to get rid of chronic stress. But the disease can activate and people can’t fight for their lives. This is the greatest danger. Aas degenerative diseases of the nervous system and cancer pathology is the result of a cascade of changes in the organism, leading to his death.

And Europe now is worried about their top managers. In particular, about air traffic controllers, as they make important decisions, responsible for the safety of passengers. We cited an example: if one team was recorded to make the same two mistakes, then it is isolated on weekends and has anti-stress therapy. And in two days if the treatment has the effect, people can return to work.

During the Orange Revolution, we have treated several patients – senior officials who have a conflict of body and soul. In the mind, souls were for the revolution but they worked for the regime and did not have the right to vote and to realize them. Strong psychosomatic disorders became to revel themselves so that people could not cope.

Досвід, який напрацювали 10 років тому, прислуговується нам і нині. Сьогодні ми теж запускаємо лікувальну програму для людей, які відчувають подібний дискомфорт, що не вкладається в жодну звичну для лікарів одиницю.

— Ідеться про «синдром Майдану»?

– Yes, and he echoed with Flammer syndrome. My colleagues and me are positioning it as the deregulation of the vascular system. It happens that the patient comes with normal pressure of 120 to 80, and in 20 minutes it begins an unexpected autonomic response, or the pressure drops or jumps up abruptly. This is the deep neurological disorders and the unbalance body – all organs and systems are in the chaos. And this chaos often ends in tears. Today, more frequent vascular disease, including strokes and heart attacks. As psychosomatic illnesses are very favorable for these background, there are cases when even the emergency can’t reach and the patient dies … Note the factor of unstable weather – this year’s summer without mercy to the meteodependent people and vascular diseases. So we sometimes observe paradoxical reactions, when even using hard drugs it’s difficult to make the body life.

If adrenaline rolls over – it is better “to prevent” stress

– What we need to keep ourselves in good shape, to go with this “syndrome of Maidan”, which, apparently, will be accompanied for a long time?

– There are different ways. For example, I have been working in the group “Education and science of the new country.” This group was created in late February, brings together like-minded people who want changes in the country. People paint a vision of a new country, want to see the bright future of their children, give sensible proposals for reforming the pre-school, school education. You know what I like? This group works very effectively and intensely, but not tired. Every day getting hundreds of letters-mailing offers by mail. My supporters inspire each other with energy. This is an example of how people learn not to complain, and to turn negative and helplessness into optimism. In fact, it’s an art to perceive any stress as a positive lesson for right conclusions and move on. If a person hangs in the negative, it rapidly accumulates diseases.

Another way – landscape therapy. You need to change residence, to leave to nature, enjoy our Ukraine. Today is nice to get on the “Facebook” – always I see fresh pictures: there embroidery, there cherry garden near the house. It supports pretty inspiring because optimism is transferred. Everyone is in stress, everyone is worried. But it is an interesting thing recently my husband told me: the state of Israel exists under threat of war or war itself. And it does not prevent it from developing. Such examples of success stories we really needed today.

– Physical activity may also be a good support?

– Certainly. And water treatment. I overlook that people on the Kyiv beaches became more active: someone plays volleyball, another badminton. People subconsciously feel they need to “run” stress. Why run? I remember the math task when I was a student: Who gets more stress during a football match: the player or the fan, who is the worried spectator on the bench? Who can faster get heart attack? Unfortunately, those who do not have physical activity as adrenaline rolls over.

Optimistic, the transformation of our negative to positive adrenaline should be the main rule. Sometimes at night I read the “Facebook” news and see – there is some disturbing negative information. People are beginning to discuss it emotionally. I am writing to comments: “Quietly. We are ordered to survive. “

Yulia Kosinska.

№108 on 07.29.2014


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