The Age of Ulyana Lushchyk the Academician

“Everybody has his destiny and the wide path”

TG Shevchenko


This site has been living its life for over 10 years. The need for its creation arose gradually – an interest in the works of Academician Lushchyk U.B. is constantly growing. Unrestrained innovative creativity allows removing the bar of secrecy from her research discoveries, monographs, patents, etc.

Ulyana initially grew and developed as a non-standard child, who climbed trees, swam, dived, shooting range, played the piano, broke a leg and studied at home in bed for six months.

From her young age she loved flowers, Nature, and hesitated in choosing a profession between biology and medicine. Thus the harmonious personality of Ulyana Lushchyk has formed, who found support and understanding by her parents, teachers, relatives and friends.

The parental advice “When you are a doctor, you will be able to help people, not just plants and animals” – has become crucial in choosing her profession in the 5th grade of secondary school during the treatment of severe fracture of both tibia with displacement. Mom’s classmates defended the medical tactics without surgery. As a result, 2 months of drawing – and she mastered knitting lying down, another 4 months in a plaster cast – and the winter passed in the enthusiasm of “forcing” tulips and lilies at the house window. She learned all the lessons in bed, the teachers came home to take tests from the passed material. In the spring, she returned to school as an adult. The essay on “The Most Valuable Person to Me” was dedicated to doctors, who did everything to ensure that she did not remain disabled.

The shin fracture became a turning point in her life. Since home schooling, she has come to an interesting conclusion: knowledge is the main thing that is constantly on your shoulders. The backpack of knowledge behind your shoulders weighs nothing, asks not to eat, but you can always use your own knowledge and not need tips, cribs, etc.

Therefore, the need for constant self-improvement has become a life credo. Over time, she has become addictive …. addicted to fresh information in search of answers to new questions posed by life.

Love for science appeared in school – it was a biological circle in the higher grades and at the same time a medical circle at the Department of Normal Physiology for high school students, then – a student research circle at the Department of Neurology and Psychiatry of the Ternopil Medical Institute, the first research papers and works, the first research diplomas . And then she chose Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, where she arrived as a young specialist. Here her talent has found a variety of locations for research: Shalimov Institute, Ambulance Hospital, Center for Mother and Child – and a combination of different fields of medicine – neurology, functional diagnostics, paediatric neurology and psychiatry, as well as the study of vascular blood flow in the brain of pregnant women and feto-placental insufficiency. More about this in the section “Autobiography”.

For the first time her merits were recognized by Europe in 2008, she was elected a full member of the European Academy of Natural Sciences, in 2010 the Academy of Informatics of Ukraine drew attention to her, in 2011 – the Academy of Technological Sciences of Ukraine.

This year (2019), she is 55 years of age, and for the third time she confirmed her status as an Academician. This time, she is an Academician of the Academy of Technological Sciences of Ukraine. It is a very high appreciation of her intellectual components in creation of medical technologies.

She has been able to transform her extraordinary knowledge and experience into technology products that can facilitate the work of physicians and restore health to patients, and continues to create new smart technologies: vascular innovative technologies, technologies for the recovery of the damaged brain, technologies of complex neurorehabilitation, technologies for personalized angiotherapy.

Her field of interest in medicine is cardiovascular pathology, brain disorders in psychologoneurological and psychiatric practice, personalized treatment and psychoneurorehabilitation.

Mathematical modeling and understanding of the logic of a living organism functioning, the choice of optimal treatment tactics due to analytical predicting, personalized medical management and achievement of the predicted successful result of treatment of even extra-acute (non-curable) pathologies are the competitive advantage of technologies developed by Lushchyk UB.

The volume of her knowledge and experience is difficult to grasp: numerous monographs, articles, presentations, etc.: read – not re-read. And a doctor’s time for training is always limited. Therefore, technologies have been created whereby the positive outcome of treatment becomes predictable and the process management of treatment becomes controlled through constructive algorithms for monitoring and correction.

This technological approach enables physicians to apply smart (intelligent) technologies for personalized treatment.

That is why, innovative technologies are being created today, containing knowledge, experience, developed and time-tested algorithms of action from an expert doctor in certain fields of medicine. The algorithms of these technologies are adapted for each patient. Thus, the physician, possessing these technologies, receives a positive predicted outcome of expert-level treatment.

Where does her fantasy flight like: doctor, scientist, inventor, technologist ….?

– Based on the knowledge gained, vast practical experience in the successful treatment of extremely ill patients, in the daily fight against dogma and conservatism in medicine. Diagnostic equipment has become her eyes and ears in understanding the unknown secrets of the living organism, which are not described in the medical literature.

She was just concerned with what was interesting and unknown to her in the world, which had attracted and fascinated her since her student years – the brain pathology and vascular system, which became her research and medical hobby for life.

Since 2000, Ulyana Lushchyk, MD, has introduced an integrated approach to the check-up and treatment of the whole body in the practice of her clinic. This extraordinary solution became the scientific and practical basis for the creation of new technological approaches to treatment of the whole organism.


«It may sound strange, but in convulsive conditions we found the kidney pathology, in multiple sclerosis – the thyroid gland pathology. It was not the direct cause of the disease, but it was the background that sustained the disease and required specific therapeutic effects to obtain persistent signs of recovery.”

UB Lushchyk





She speaks simply about difficult things and, respecting the interlocutor, goes into a language understandable to the listener. She compares vascular models with water in buildings, women’s mentality with household models of washing dishes in the kitchen, men’s mentality – unambiguously with the work of an injector in a car engine. And the significance of the breakdown of the organism at the point of non-return to health and life compares to the model of the plane crash and cosmetic repair of the aircraft.

For the average amateur farmer – she also has her own model for debate – how to water a drying tree: a glass of water …. or buckets of water with recovery stimulants …

It is very simple and affordable …. at first glance. And at the same time, it is very deep and mysterious … when communicating firsthand.

This year, for the third time, she entered the era of academician: when the body is filled with vital wisdom, professional knowledge and experience.

She’s not afraid to talk about her age. She renamed it for the period of conscious youth and its technologies of restoration of blood supply without cosmetic operations. In her own example she has proven – this is possible: to combine Wisdom and Youth, Body Beauty and Depth of the Soul, to restore health and beauty as 10-20 years ago, without losing the life experience and wisdom gained.

– It’s possible! She says calmly!

– My technology enables it!

– I could do it!

– “I enjoy my life, live a full life and invite you into the world of happy conscious youth -” for those who are over 50! “.

Lushchyk UB


Therefore, at 55, she sometimes allows herself to be a girl: to grow a garden in the desert, to master windsurfing … as a naive girl with her eyes, exploring countries and continents. This is a time when life’s Wisdom and second Youth are in synergy.

Now she has her own research global projects and scientific expeditions.


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