Ulyana Lushchyk is a doctor

She is a neurologist. So, mainly she treats patients who have some problems with their nerves. For example, businessmen who lose control of themselves because they don’t have enough time to do all the things planned. Or kids, whose ailment lie in the CNS, i.e. the central nervous system. And she also can take a person out of coma that can last for about months and years … In the nineties (the last century already) Ulyana Lushchyk established a private scientific and medical center, for the last 19 years it has been constantly growing and developing and periodically changing its facilities and, also, the address.

Ulyana Bogdanivna Lushchyk has gained proficiency as:
– a physician – neurologist of the highest category (2008);
– a functional diagnostician (EEG (electroencephalography), capillaroscopy, Echoencephalography, Ultrasound diagnostics of arteries and veins in the head, arteries and veins in upper and lower limbs, vascular ultrasound scanning of the human body);
– a physician -radiologist (USD of the thyroid gland, abdominal cavity organs, musculoskeletal system, organs of the small pelvis, CT-MRI of the brain and spine);
– a physician – organizer of public health care of 1st category (2007);
– a legal expert in the field of medical law.

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