For Patients

Dear patients!

Historically, a term “sick” I hardly use. I think that the doctor who seeks to cure the patient has no right to use the word sick in order to avoid negative impact on the psyche of the patient. Therefore, we have created an aura of comfort and Ukrainian ethno-national spirit in our clinic. Our team is working primarily with an integrated diagnostics of “physical” diseases using different instruments and techniques.

All devices that we use are non-invasive (no penetration into the body), also painless and harmless to health. The main advantage of our diagnosis is not just fixing images and their measurement, it’s intellectual-analytical component of the assessment of all disorders in the body from the standpoint of a comprehensive view of the problem of the particular patient. Therefore, we prefer a comprehensive examination of the entire body and the cost of a package of integrated services is lower, than the amount of the individual test procedures.

“Health” definition by WHO: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. Therefore, along with a comprehensive medical examination, we also perform diagnostics psychologically intellectual and spiritual spheres.

After completing a one-day comprehensive diagnosis, the next day we conduct consultation of all experts of the Clinic of healthy vessels to create a shared vision of the essence of the disease and the search for optimal ways to overcome it.

As a result – we form protocols and conclusions for all examinations and treatment plan. If we have questions or misunderstandings in our experts’ views – we perform additional tests. As a result, the chief doctor of the clinic meets the patient and his family to agree on a treatment plan. If agreement is reached – we sign informed consent for treatment and neurorehabilitation and the treatment starts.

The whole team works with our patients in the course of therapy and neurorehabilitation and every morning on a consultation we discuss the pressing problems of each patient and harmonize certain nuances in the team work to achieve the best results in the patient’s treatment.

All processes are controlled by the chief doctor of the clinic and by me, as a practicing physician in cerebrovascular problems and scientific director of the clinic as an ideologue and an expert on vascular correction, brain dysfunction and neurorehabilitation of neuropsychiatric patients

This approach allows us to work for the final positive result for 18 years , reaching sustainable stabilization of an organism’s work after treatment completion for nearly healthy and for seriously ill – retention of achieved levels of recovery of vital functions of the organism during the therapy and neurorehabilitation for 1 month at home in the period between the treatment courses and gradual recovery of the ailing body during long-term therapy and neurorehabilitation at the level of self-control and self-service.

The most successful examples of patients whom we returned the quality and enjoyment of life:

Epilepsy – remission in 8 years is possible! 

Age is not limited. The youth can be returned

Leukoencephalitis, leukodystrophy… From dealth prognosis to restore life quality as mush as it possible 

To liquidate depression and return to active life! We can do it professionally

Епілепсія – реміся 8 років можлива! 

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