Working experience

After graduating from the medical institute in 1988–1989, she pursued the internship training on the site of Podil Central Regional Clinical Hospital in Kyiv.

She held the position of general practitioner and neurologist in Podil Regional Hospital in Kyiv (1988-1994),
neurologist in Emergency Care Hospital SPA, vascular neurosurgery unit (1994-1996),
functional diagnostician in the laboratory for circulatory pathophysiology in Kyiv Scientific-Research Institute of Clinical and Experimental Surgery (1990-1994), later on, functional diagnostician in Republican Mother and Child Center (1994-1998).

Since 1994 she worked as a X-ray diagnostician and teacher of the US diagnostics course in “Heoran” scientific-medical center (1994-1996),
Since 1996 – research supervisor in biomedicine and general director of “Istyna” private scientific-medical center (1996-2008).

Since 2009 – head of scientific department, international cooperation and control for medical care quality in “Feofania” clinical hospital of State Affair Administration (SAA) (2009-2012).
Since 2011 — assistant professor of medical informatics of P.L.Shupik National Academy of Postgraduate Education (2011-2014).
Chief of investment-innovative projects in the Center for Innovative Medical Technologies since 2012.

In her practice U.B. Lushchyk mastered the following qualifications:

  • doctor – organizer of the Higher Category Health Care Protection (2011);
  • neurologist –higher category in neurology (2012) with knowledge in psychology, psychiatry. Individual multidisciplinary neurorehabilitation;
  • functional diagnostician (EEG, capillaroscopy, EchoEG, USDG of cerebral arteries and veins and upper and lower extremities arteries and veins, US-scanning of human vessels);
  • X-ray diagnostician(US diagnostics of thyroid gland, abdominal organs, locomotor system, small pelvis organs, CT-MRI of brain and spine);
  • lawyer -expert in medical law;
  • managing economist in organization administration;
  • manager of scientific and investing-innovative projects.
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