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Ulyana Lushchyk – who is she?

Is she an author of popular women's novels? Is she a next winner of TV “talent” contest/show? Haven’t you seen her advertising the most up-to-date face cream? Or is she the first in a list of a new political party? On the very site you will learn what kind of a person she is and what her interests are considering her as a person and a professional.


Ulyana Lushchyk is a doctor

She is a neurologist. So, mainly she treats patients who have some problems with their nerves. For example, businessmen who lose control of themselves because they don’t have enough time to do all the things planned. Or kids, whose ailment lie in the CNS, i.e. the central nervous system. And she also can take a person out of coma that can last for about months and years …


Ulyana Lushchyk is a scientist

Being a student she was unrivalled in knowledge. So nowadays she is actively working on improving already existing technologies and creating new ones. And up-to-date techniques enable to control and adjust a treatment process. Mrs. Ulyana before prescribing something to her patients, tried them all on herself. The following procedures, incidentally, have some side effect - they can help to rejuvenate the organism.


Istyna/Truth is, first of all, the truth

to myself, to colleagues, to patients!

Academician of Academy of Technological Sciences of Ukraine (2019)
Was awarded Vernadsky Order of Scientific Merits (2013)
Member of International Academy for Informatics (2013)
Professor of the Ukrainian Academy of Informatics (2013)
Associate member of Ukrainian Academy for Technological Sciences (2011)
Associate member of Ukrainian Academy for Informatics (2010)
 Academician of the European Academy for Natural Sciences (2008)
Laureate of the Ukrainian Classification of professional achievements “Leader of Ukraine” (2004)
 Doctor of Medicine (1998)

Unique knowledge and exclusive services

Exclusive knowledge and experience in my monographs

• Innovative medical technologies all inclusive;

• Vascular diagnostics on macro- and microlevel;
• Innovations in angiopsychoneurology;
• Integrated diagnostics of CVS;
• Pathological neoangiogenesis and onkocapillaries;
• Integrated neurorehabilitation;
• Modelling of meteotropic reactions;
• Vascular correction of diabetes and metabolic syndrome.



I can’t live quietly and everybody is not bored with me

My great achievements in obtaining knowledge, experience and analytics from various fields of medicine, psychology, diagnostics, treatment, enable me to find non-standard approaches to incurable illnesses and states, related to pathology of vessels and the brain. My analytical way of thinking allows to work as a constant scientific leader in the Clinic of healthy vessels for about 20 years. Therefore I consider the integrated approaches to diagnostics of the whole organism as a priority of our work, and understanding of the logic of functioning of the living organism as well – it is a top in the art of successful treatment.
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