Ulyana B. Lushchyk, Academician of ATSU – a founder of the field of innovative technologies for evidence-based medicine in psychoneurology, angiology and neurorehabilitation

Up-to-date medical diagnostic equipment is the eyes and ears of a thinking physician.
It helps to identify the causes of the disease, and not just blindly state the fact of a disease when the point of no return has been passed.

Ulyana Lushchyk – an inventor, We create innovative technologies as an analytical tool for doctors to recover patients!

Our technologies can be your success.

Technologies against tissue edema and venous stasis.

Who has the art of treating and preventing cerebral edema holds the key to the life and death of the patient!

Academician MN Burdenko

She has found this key and brings back to life even comatose patients.

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Ulyana Lushchyk – an innovator


The latest technologies are at the service of humanity

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