The best information – from first hands

Well, hello my 58, long life path to Wisdom.

Great age, when you keep yourself in the image of 35+, but you can play the role of a woman of any age and play the role of a 25-year-old blonde in a square, making a car inspector mad, or blink a naive young woman and do things your own way. And this is your competitive advantage in terms of age. You can do anything!

You can afford to answer an incorrect question about your age: 60! … and watch with a smile how they react to it.

You can explore the world as a carefree student, constantly asking the question “Why?” from incomprehensible topics, situations, traditions, customs in other countries of the world and then gradually to reduce all to own analytical puzzle and to catch from it a high (nobody has canceled yet researches of civilizations).

And at the same time, you can (if you want it) professionally demonstrate your broad outlook to like-minded people, defend your knowledge and experience at the expert level, be an innovator in the world, be confident in what you do, get doomed out of that world and inspiration and you catch your research euphoria).

Resist the vicissitudes of life and remain the Human, the Ukrainian Woman with a proud head held high and always a direct eye-to-eye look.

Remain a person with dignity and human virtues, despite the challenges of life.

Have your own opinion and do not be afraid to voice and defend it.

To live by the principles of direct speech and bitter truth and at the same time to have many friends of all ages from children to people of respectable age. To be kind and gentle in some situations, and strict and demanding in others and Xena-warrior in critical. And it is also a pleasant taste of age and wisdom of life.

Life wisdom and at the same time Youth of the soul. That’s how I feel today.

We feel our age as much as we want to feel it. You can feel vitally exhausted at 30, and after 50 you can be the eternal engine of progress, joy and any positive “kipish” in the style of the best student traditions.

Have time for self-development both professionally and for the soul.

What has changed since the 50-year equator?

Almost nothing.

I do not celebrate my anniversaries because there is a war in the country.

In principle, I do not speak the language of the occupier.

I do not accept negative and destructive information, I analyze, compare, explore the world.

I became fascinated with the Arab world because I see progress and development there. This year I fell in love with Dubai.

I had the opportunity to go beyond the system, look at Ukraine from the outside and understand this natural paradise of our Motherland, the creative nation that proudly bears the name of Ukraine around the world.

Fate has offered an unexpected opportunity to harden in the world of hot sand and hot stone. I had a unique opportunity to explore and understand another civilization, its pros and cons.

Break my arm and heal my back.

Do active water sports.

Realize the long-held dream to continue dance practice.

Engage in the study of Arabic language and Arabic culture.

I became silent and balanced. As my children accidentally put it today: “At a time when my mother was still “boiled”…

There are situations when I fight: provided that I see a worthy opponent.

In other situations – just set the limit of 33 km. The clever will understand, but the primitive does not care.

Today I caught myself thinking: the dynamics of my nicknames: “Bee” – at school (for work), “Mom” – in business (I can really be a mother to employees and at the same time “the world’s best mother-in-law”), “Mountain” – in creative period after 45 years, “Ukrainian Queen” – in the Arab world. Today I received an Arabic greeting: “Happy birthday, the beauty!” from my Arabic teacher.

Yes, wisdom comes with age, with life experience, daily ability to defend oneself, one’s views and values.

History is behind you and your personal footprint in this civilization. I try to keep my tracks clear, with positive memories.

Ukraine is going through a difficult test. And it hurts the most.

Therefore, every day should be filled with sunshine, smiles, kindness, sincerity, development. It is those virtues that distinguish Ukrainians around the world: a broad worldview, deep basic knowledge, sincerity and honesty.

8 years after the equator: Maidan, anti-terrorist operation, war, covid.

Ukraine and the world are undergoing a “peaceful” transformation.

The phenomenon of passing the next bottleneck of the bottle of civilization, no one has canceled.

Therefore, to live in fear without fear, to develop, not to degrade, to surround ourselves with the positive and to attract the positive – these are the main conditions of our transformation.

Thank you all for the greetings, wishes! May you and we be all right. Harder survived. Everything is better ahead!

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