Ulyana Lushchyk is a business lady

In the status of Lady she was and continues to be: elegant style of clothing, fitting body shape, hairstyle, natural beauty of face, rich language and a sincere smile that always distinguish her personality.

Back in 1995, as a young physician and researcher, she reached her first intellectual pedestal: she created and registered her first intelligent medical technology for ultrasound diagnosis of arteries and veins of the brain. And since 1996 she has started her own intellectual medical business – she has founded the first private scientific medical center in Ukraine for development of ultrasound technologies, and then developing a new direction of vascular (arteriovenous) diagnostics and personalized treatmentangiotherapy.

With 12 years of experience in conducting her own business in the form of a medical&research cluster, obtaining higher medical and legal education, Ulyana Lushchyk has mastered the basics of business education for top managers (2008-2011).

Adapting new theoretical knowledge from business management to her own experience, since 2008 she began to form a new direction – innovative medical technologies and to refocus her own style of scientific management on innovatively oriented business.

Innovative intellectual business for Ukraine is a new, incomprehensible, high-risk enterprise both in the 1990th and today. It is an innovative type of business that has no well-developed algorithms, no experience in both public and private entities. She created this line in business herself, by making risky decisions, possibly making mistakes. But in general, today Ukraine can say that we have an innovative medical intellectual business. There are results and great experience of ready technologies for launching on the market of Ukraine and the world.

Business women are not born.

This is a daily work for own professional improvement, the formation of a highly professional team from various fields of science and business management in a single technological project. It is the ability to isolate ideas, plans, formulate strategy and tactics of project implementation and successful project management up to the chosen goal. And as a result of the project success – the creation of innovative goods – ready technological solutions for medical practice.

For 25 years of her own innovative business acad. Ulyana Lushchyk has formed as a pioneering physician, inventor of science, as a female manager of a complex multidisciplinary business, as a personality with a broad outlook and elegant female charm.

I love the creativity of the Ukrainian nation. It needs technological excellence and intellectual capitalization! UB Lushchyk

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