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There was a time when fate gave a very serious lesson to me – in 5th grade, in October, when riding a wooden roller coaster after the rain on the playground I had a closed displaced fracture of both bones of the right tibia with bone fragments up to 10 cm. My mother’s classmate orthopaedist defended idea to treat me non-operational. The result – a month in traction, more than 3 months in a cast, all winter I “walked” on parents hands. Bone fracture was inosculating poor. However, during this period, I changed dramatically, independently mastered knitting and wove for myself hat-scarf, sweater, imbued household flowers – the windowsill was decorated with a whole collection of cactuses, mastered the art of winter distillation, and on March 8 the lily odour filled our flat, I started opening theme folder scrapbooks, generated catalogues for quotes of interesting things, externally handed school’s tasks and home works and was certified for two quarters. This traumatic illness changed my childhood and entered into adult life thinking, I returned to school in March as an adult in my views and partially disabled with a stick. At the same time I rejected any kind of school cribbing, tips and student expectations manoeuvring. Apparently truthfulness worked and subsequently became my guide.
It gave a positive result – on time learned tasks, classes in the school’s biological scientific circles, participation in local and regional Olympiads on biology.
From that turning point – a thirst for knowledge, the desire to progress in self-development became my main aim of development of my personality. Grateful to all teachers in secondary specialized English School No 3 in Ternopil for deep knowledge and grafted love to research, and love for the natural and applied sciences. I finished school with a gold medal. Traditional wreath of roses when giving medals in the central square of the city inspired to further “exploits”.
Life made its tough adjustments during entrance exams; I had not enough 1 point for admission. Actually on the final biological exam I gained D. Now I know – it was a directive from above, but it was very painful because I knew biology best. Then my grandfather said, both simple and very wise: “No great loss without some small gain!”
So it happened, that year I worked as a nurse and it was very useful for my future medical practice and management activity.
Student years ran very quickly. Wonderful student period of adult childhood – you’re an adult, and at the same time a child – living under parents “wings”. You have all the conditions for learning, to realize your potential. From the second year of university in a student scientific clubs on faculty of Neurology, I was performing the student scientific work using Doppler, interested in the venous drainage from the brain. From the fourth course I combined the nursing work in the neurology department of Ternopil Regional Mental Hospital. Those were interesting years of practical experience, forming own opinion and making decision in unusual situations, formation of respect for the patient and at the same time the realization of the desire to help the patient, empathy and real steps in reducing the suffering, pain, overcome discouragement regarding recovery. Very interesting and necessary experience, which actually initiated my professional career as a physician, as a thinking doctor. This is where, I believe, laid the foundation of my healing art.
Love of knowledge, continuous improvement, critical attitude towards myself and my actions became the basis of my life.

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