For doctors

Dear Colleagues! If you are on my page – it may mean:

  • You have heard about me;
  • Interested in me as a specialist;
  • Have got acquainted with our patients and amazed by effects of our treatment;
  • Know about our innovative technologies and interested in them;
  • You have children that are finishing their training in high school and you’re worried where to place your child for further development and implementation of all plans;
  • Want to create your own medical business?

I think … that the list could go on and on.

However, all the questions my team is ready to respond with specific proposals, projects and consultations.

What are my competences in medical practice and in management of medical institution?

Historically, that despite scientific degree and title, I remain invariable scientific director of the clinic and the practical doctor multidisciplinary profile as possess deep analytical skills in the following areas:

  1. Neurology, psychology, psychiatry, speech therapy, spirituality and a parapsychology;
  2. Almost all ultrasound techniques of organs and systems, MRI of the brain and spinal cord, functional diagnostics – ECG, EEG, capillaroscopy as evidence-based medicine techniques and monitoring tool;
  3. Angiology and angiotherapy, angio psycho neurology, vascular innovation;
  4. Individual approach to comprehensive neurorehabilitation psychoneurological patient (even incurable condition) with minimum program for the seriously ill – self-catering and maximum program – social and vocational rehabilitation to the formation of a harmonious personality.

So today our group of companies offers the following areas of cooperation for doctors:

  • education at the workplace
  • distance learning in the form of online lectures, webinars, interactive discussion club on vascular innovation;
  • learning cycles and improve vascular screening technology, angio markers;
  • cycles of training and experience exchange for medical business, medical management , marketing and legal support for medical practices
  • cycles on scientific and innovative management.

Subject, a form of teaching and education terms are negotiated individually by e-mail or Skype.

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