Some aspects of the applied hemodynamics in the epoch of intravital visualizing technologies

Lushchyk U.B., Novytskyy V.V.

This book is a short review of the present condition of such actual problem in the modern angiologia like assessment of functioning of the vascular system on the regional cerebral and microcirculatory level. Some aspects of the hemodynamics are stated in the accessible form, which knowledge might help in mastering of the modern investigating methods of the vascular system in the organism and at the interpretation of results from the investigation. The book describes specific features of the modern diagnostic equipment and possibility of its integrated application as diagnostics of vascular diseases.
It is intended for medical students, angiosurgeons, neurosurgeons, angiologists, resuscitators, rehabilitologists, physiologists and biophysicians.

Brief contents

1. Diagnosing methods of the vascular system (history of development of methods for investigation the vascular system in the organism in-vivo and in-vitro.
2. Basic regulations of the hydromechanics as the basics for investigation of blood flow.
3. Hemodynamics is a science about blood circulation.
4. Hemodynamics according to the rheological blood peculiarities.
5. Basic principles of structure and functioning of the vascular system in the human organism.
6. Elastic- tonic characteristics of the vascular wall.
7.Conflict of calibers of the cerebral and major vessels.
8.  Arteriovenous cerebral misbalance

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