Project idea
technological realization of the possibilities of early screening of pathological reconstructions in capillaries as pre-conditions of development of the tumor process in 1-5 years prior to the oncodisease.


Pre-clinical screening of an oncopathology is a technology that provides screening, diagnostics, monitoring of the oncodisease development and tracing correctness of treatment tactics.

Problem and statistics

Statistics of onco-illnesses in Ukraine:

• about 1 000 000 of Ukrainians have cancer.
• annually over 160 thousands of new cases of cancer are registered.
• about 90 thousands of Ukrainians die of cancer annually.
• Over the whole life every third-fourth man and every fifth woman has a cancer risk.

Let we say “NO” to cancer!

Malignant neoplasma are – one of main causes of mortality in Ukraine.
But, according to estimations of WHO, over 40% cancer cases can be prevented by means of early diagnostics.
The Japan example testifies that technologies of early pre-clinical diagnostics enables to decrease significantly the morbidity and mortality indexes.

Medical technology

all inclusive

Potential consumers

 Medical establishments of primary link of medical care;
 Specialized medical establishments of oncoprofile.


 High-fidelity;
 Bloodless;
 Painless;
 Safe;
 Absent contra-indications;
 Diagnostics lasts 5 minutes;
 Reliable and logical;
 Dynamics of the process is controlled by a patient.


 Oncotest;
 MRT;
 Computed tomography;
 Biopsy.


Market risks
• disappointment in oncodiagnostics on a background of the hyperdiagnostics;
• change of the population relation to onco-awareness.
Financial risks
• local market sector with lack of further ranging on other subtechnologies;
• inflationary processes, delays of investment payments.
It is a humane break-even technology!

It is a socially responsible business!

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