This page is dedicated to my personal life. Since olden times we knew a man as a worker, a leader, a publicman in most cases. However domestic and family relations always remain a certain taboo.
At the same time many people and yellow press estimate all positives, and mostly negatives, exactly on own far-fetched algorithms.
Therefore I open the world of the personal life, active and passive rest, indefatigable creativity and large capacity. To tell boldness and think logically and true.
Nearly 20 years ago (in 1996) Truth (ISTYNA) has become my vital credos. Therefore "Truth within the limits of accessible" for nearly 20 years was transformed in the international term of Veritas (from Latin -Truth) as it displays that the logically chosen tactic excels strategy to reach and change a man or system on a new level - to innovative inaccessibility.
To live with Truth. To get kef from the surrounding - new knowledge, discoveries in researches, achievements in treatment of seriously sick, ideas for improvement of the diagnostics and medical technologies, successful result of experiment on itself: in sport, in tourism, in a fight against the diseases of civilization.

Period of the conscious youth

Always at work 

Not an ordinary woman