Ulyana Bohdanivna Lushchyk is a famous scientist in such fields as neurology, angiology , X-ray medicine, functional diagnostics, rehabilitology, medical innovative technologies and medical jurisprudence.

U.B. Lushchyk is a founder of the vascular psychoneurology (angiopsychoneurology).

Important scientific researches in this field are based on the author's principle of arteriovenous balance in the human vascular system and mathematical models of living systems' hemodynamics.

Essential results of scientific researches are embodied in
• 18 monographs(5 of them are translated in English),
• 142 articles,
• 9 patents,
• 2 improvement suggestions.

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 d-docdor Doctor of Medicine (1998)
Academician of the European Academy for Natural Sciences  (2008) chlen_natur acad
chlen_info Associate member of Ukrainian Academy for Informatics  (2010)
Associate member of Ukrainian Academy for Technological Sciences  (2011) chlen-cor_tech
Academician of Ukrainian Academy for Informatics (2013),
Member of International Academy for Informatics (2013).
2 - 0007 Laureate of the Ukrainian Classification of professional achievements “Leader of Ukraine”  (2004), 
was awarded Vernadsky Order of Scientific Merits