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Cerebrovascular disorders of arteriovenous balance in psychoneurology: personalized medical process management and analytical vascular IT-technology in quality-management of vascular dyshemias

Article in Integrative Clinical Cardiology   Ulyana B Lushchyk1,5*, Viktor V Novytskyy1,2, Igor P Babii3,5, Nadiya G Lushchyk4,5, Ivanna I Legka5, Chika Onwuka5   Ulyana B Lushchyk1,5* *Corresponding author Email: Viktor V Novytskyy1,2 Email: Igor P Babii3,5 Email: Nadiya G Lushchyk4,5 Email: Ivanna I Legka5, Email: Chika Onwuka5 Email:  …
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Hemodynamic lab «MacroMicroPotok»

V.P. Boun, U.B. Lushchyk, L.B. Malinovskyy, V.V. Novytskyy A Hemodynamic Lab “MacroMicroPotok” for Integrated Examination and Efficient Correction of the Human Vascular System  They have considered a condition of diagnostics and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in Ukraine and in the world. The problem has been briefly reviewed in the medicine. The methodological principles of the…
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Why today mortality and morbidity indexes of cardiovascular pathologies are still high

  Lushchyk et al. The EPMA Journal 2012, 3:12   Predictive and preventive strategies to advance the treatments of cardio-vascular and cerebro-vascular diseases: the Ukrainian context Ulyana B Lushchyk1*, Viktor V Novytskyy1, Igor P Babii2, Nadiya G Lushchyk2 and Lyudmyla S Riabets3 Abstract Despite great efforts in treatments of cardiovascular diseases, the field requires…
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